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Polyethylene Terephthlate

 PET Scrap, offgrade & Virgin Market
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PET scrap recycling  is of the largest companies in the European Union, managing all qualities and types of plastics, rubbers and addtitives Scrap, offgrade prime surpluses stocks for worldwide companies for 20 yerars.

Our large network of clients facilitates the distribution of products in all segments of the market, from large multinational wholesale areas, to the samallest sales.

Our client portfolio is constantly expanding, due to prices that make Sonepa very competitive in most sectors of worldwide  market.

SONEPA PLASTICS is specialised in the Recycling and International trade with the support of regular leading suppliers and buyer in all types of high quality plastics, rubbers, additives raw materials and semi finished products in scrap, offgrade, prime, grinoud, powders, regranulate, resin, offcuts, pellets, fibre agglomerate, purge, film, bottles, rolls, bales, sheets forms in mono and mixed colour, from (post) industrial and consumer waste for worldwide customers. Why don't you give us a try.

Sonepa recycling is a full service recycling firm. We manage  virtually all post industrial and post consumed plastics, rubbers, additives and polymers recyclable materials. Our services includes industrial and commercial waste recycling administration, transportation, universal waste handling, purchase and sale of post industrial or post consumed plastics, waste composition studies and many more.

We are selling PET bottles flakes ( washed  and unwashed,white, blue, green or mixed), PET bottle lumps, POP CORN,  PET Preform Regrind, production natural lumps / rock,  PET film flakes bales, PET fiber/thread, filament yarn and  PET off-grade  repro pellets and regranulate.  We are also handing PET- G clear and blue tinted from sheets and film.
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PET  -  Polyethylene Terephthlate (Apet-Amorphous pet,
PETG - Polytetramethylene Glyco (
Modified with CHDM )


No.  Description  Photo
PET-401 PET bottles 100 % clear, 100 % blue, 100% green bales., 20 metric tonne per container.
PET bottles, bales 80% clear 20% ( blue/green)
PET + PE bottles (50/50%), bales
18 metric tonne per container.

PET-402 PET bottles shredded  unwashed, natural, blue tinted and green colour.

PET-403 used PET bottles grinded, unwahed  with 
sticker and cap, clear blue and green (without 
basecup and pvc/oil bottles)
PET-404 PET fiber on rolls natural

PET filament yarn surplus stock natural on
PET-405 POLYESTER safety belt WASTE, mixed colours .
PET-406 PET bottle washed, dry, transparent, without PVC/cups/sticker/etc 
IV 0.75-0.95. 
Melting Point: 246-260
PET-407 PET bottles preform, Clear, Blue, green, brown, 
Silver, mixed colour, reuseable.

PET bottlespreform clear grined
PET-408 PET film on rolls natural and rolls cutting from
PET-G 401 PET-G sheets grinded and repro pellets, clear 
PET-G blue tinted film 
PET-G blue tinted and clear film regranulated.

PET-409 PET used Film rolls, Natural colour

PET film mixed colour on rolls  and bales from production.
PET-410 PET production Film and Lump bales/ungrind 
Natural colour without PE laminated/coated.

PET-411 PET production lump natural colour from:
film , fiber and bottles prodcution

PET-412 PET video-tapes out of current production,bales,80 % black,20 % natural.
PET-413 PET fiber/thread/filament yarn, bales natural 
PET-414 PET flakes PET X-ray film grinde unwashed blue tinted
PET film X-ray Washed free-silver and acide, blue tinted and clear.
PET-415 PET with 30% glass filled black and natural grind, unpainted, Qty: 40 metric ton.  
PET-416 PET and PET-G film on rolls Natural  and blue tinted  (without PE laminating and coating)


PET movie film, photogaphic film, cinema film on rolls,  PET video tapes bales.

PET (polyester fiber) filament yarn Natual, bales

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