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The ideal global business partner, with years of 
experienceand a network that spans the globe

Sonepa recycing  is a full service recycling firm. We manage virtually all post industrial and post consumed plastics, rubbers and plymers recyclable materials. Our services includes industrial and commercial recycling administration, waste transportation, universal waste handling, purchase and sale of post industrial or post consumed plastics, waste composition studies and many more.
SONEPA Plastics Recycling:
is specialised in the trading of plastics, 
rubber and additives raw materials, has 
strongly penetrated the international market
and has comprehensive range of thermo- plastics 
and technopolymer with the suppport of regular 
leading supplier and buyer.

"have all types of high quality plastics,rubbers, 
polymers raw materials and semi-finished product
in virgin, offgrade, scrap, reground, regranulate,
resin, offcuts, pellets, agglomerate, purge, powder, 
fiber, film, bottles, rolls  balls, and sheets forms in 
mono and mixed, from (post) industrial and 
consumer waste for world-wide customers. 
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Sourcing products:
We have a worldwide network of agents and representatitives who will find what you need quickly and effectively.

Import brokerage & Export brokerage:

We can help you by opening a letter of credit and smoothing your way through customs, shipping and payments procedures.
Locating export routes and suppliers:
We can offer a range of support services to clients who are considering a move into overseas markets, and we can suggest sales routes or introduce you to reliable distributors.around the world
Three-country (triangular trading):






Cargo inspections by a qualified inspectors are 
vital in order to provide the client with the assurance that the materials or commodities received are of the quality ordered. 

Cost-effective inspection services help you: 
Make sure your orders ship complete 
Reduce your risk of receiving defective goods 
Eliminate travel to far away factories 

A team of qualified inspectors will QC items
onsite before they are packed, and supervise the loading of your shipment. You'll then receive 
a detailed report on your shipment within 48 hours via e-mail. Not only do our inspectors check for quality and quantity, but also witness the sealing of cargo as well as actively sampling all materials from bulk shipments to containerised goods. Where necessary, samples are sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Supplier Assesment

Sonepa quality group can help your company to:

  • define the type and extent of supplier control needed
  • assist in the development of quality contracts
  • establish a documented supplier evaluation and surveillance system
  • conduct supplier evaluation and surveillance audits train and assist suppliers in meeting quality requirements.

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