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Attorney of Counsel : Abid A Raja
Masters of laws (LL.M): Business and Trade Law (International/EC) Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Bachelors of Engineering: Polymer Science and Technology
Masters of Science: Industrial Engineering (TQM, Change management, etc)
Member: Certified Management Accountant


 Company and Corporate law
 Transport law
 EC competition
 EC & WTO Anti-dumping cases

Internationa/EC Business and Trade Law:
Our firm represents domestic and international clients regarding:
-Commercial law :(agency, distribution agreement, franchising &  licensing, product liability tort, intellectual property incl. copyrights, trademarks & patents, labour law, contract law,
EC contract law, UNCISG cases)
-Contract negotiations
-Business Investment Evaluations.
-Company and corporate law: (Company formation, joint ventures, insolvency, shareholder agreements)
-New media: (computer related law, software protection,
licensing agreements, telecommunication)
-Transport law: (maritime & shipping, road transport (CMR), aviation, insurance)
-EC competition
antidumping(price discrimination)/countervailing duty (subsidies) litigation
Represents clients on international trade issues such as
antidumping, countervailing duty remedies, and export control
matters including licensing, compliance, enforcement and policy.
Various:(Debt recovery, litigation & arbitration, enforcement of foreign judgement, anti-dumping case, ICSID cases)
Business Litigation 
Our litigation department handles enforcement of contract provisions, collection, 
breach of contract and tortious acts such as negligence, fraud and misrepresentation. 
-Alleged antitrust ( EC competition )
-Quality claim 
-Shipping claim (Maritime & Transport)
-Agency contract
-CISG contract cases
-International contract
-L/C & Bank claim 
-Environmental and toxic  matters.


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  • The sooner we win your case, the less you spend on litigation costs.
  • Our sole aim in a lawsuit is to win it, not pick meaningless fights at you expense.
  • Our fees are reasonable and competitive.
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